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We offer a range of support to help you start or grow your business

Business Mentoring

We help individuals, teams and social enterprises work through their challenges to support their start up or growth.

You might just need a sounding board to help you work through a period of development – do you feel overwhelmed, not know where to focus or need direction? Maybe you need to review where you are and where you are going, set objectives and work out a pathway.


Or are you time pressured and need practical help to get things done or meet deadlines? – a business plan, a funding application, financial projections, a sales and marketing strategy, market research, a community consultation or survey?


Or do you need to engage your team in strategy, brainstorming or planning and need an independent facilitator?

Our Approach

We have over 25 years experience in the Northern Ireland market working on supporting enterprise and business growth. Our passion is to see you develop – we might help you progress with a business idea, get started in business, or develop a growing business.


Sometimes a client will need a business mentor, mainly to help analysis, brainstorm and create direction. But other times we can have a very practical approach with a client, for example producing financial projections, showing you how to design social media posts, carrying out a survey on your behalf, consulting with your team or external stakeholders to get input into your strategy or completing a grant application form.

We can also facilitate group discussions with your team, Board, or external partners. As an experienced enterprise trainer we can deliver on a range of business topics and love to ensure that participants feel engaged, inspired and gain practical learning.

We like to deliver on mentoring, projects and training where we feel we are the best fit. So you can be guaranteed if we feel that we are not the right person for your contract that we will do our best to refer you to our wide network of mentors, consultants and trainers.

We have lead, organised and facilitated many Bootcamps and events, with a particular emphasis on female enterprise. We just love the energy of being in room and being part of creating that buzz.

Current and Previous Clients

How many of us are sometimes faking it?

How many of us are sometimes faking it?

Imposter Syndrome is a classic condition of any new entrepreneur! Did you know that women are more likely to apply for a job when they meet 100% of the job criteria? Whereas men will more often apply when they meet 60% of the criteria. We all sometimes lack confidence...

Does the name of a business impact its success?

Does the name of a business impact its success?

It's not easy naming a business. Recently I've been trying to help some clients come up with the right business name. I remember struggling with this myself and going for Seed Mentoring as I focus on helping develop ideas (plant a seed) and could create the acroynm...

Have you got your Pitch right?

Have you got your Pitch right?

Have you got your pitch right? It's really tricky to say all you want to say and should say in 2 minutes. I helped a few clients recently with this and loved working on their wording, getting their hook or opening lines finetuned, bringing in a bit of drama or emotion...

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