Have you got your pitch right? It’s really tricky to say all you want to say and should say in 2 minutes. I helped a few clients recently with this and loved working on their wording, getting their hook or opening lines finetuned, bringing in a bit of drama or emotion and ensuring it was easy to follow. That was the most common flaw – the tendency to use lots of eloquent words and trying to get in all of your key words or catchphrases to the point of confusing your audience. So what I would say (having been a Judge on pitching panels a few times) is keep it simple! Make sure you are clear in saying what your business offers or will offer, who to and how it solves a problem. Sometimes the fancier wording is best kept for your brochure, your website, your social media content. You are talking, not writing. Tell us a story!


How to do a 2 min Pitch

  • Be concise, clear and confident.
  • Ensure you have a structure
  • Stand out from the crowd
  • Delivery – have passion/belief in your idea
  • Credibility – if you already have some good customers – don’t be afraid to name drop. If you have relevant personal credibility share it.
  • Mention your business name
  • Dress appropriately – should you wear professional business dress, bold colours, healthcare clean look? Your dress code should fit with your business.

What story are you telling? (We are social creatures so we are attracted to stories)

  • Know your punch line
  • Confirm some truth – share a statistic, make a statement about your sector
  • Make me care
  • Get a good opening hook at the start

The Hook:

  • Establish rapport
  • Capture attention
  • Make it compelling

Possible structure:

  • Opening statement/hook to grab attention/connect with the audience
  • Who you are (no time for personal background unless relevant to your business idea)
  • The business opportunity you have identified/What is your business offer? What is the opportunity and why now?
  • Monetary impact – how will you make money, how will you save the client money if they use the product or service, how will the investor make money out of it
  • Call to action – may be what you are asking an investor or dragon for or sharing info “find me on Facebook/Linked In etc”

Practice, practice, practice! Record yourself on your phone, talk out loud, do it for a friend or family member.

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